The Grey Dragon | From Egg to Moon

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3 mins read

In times immemorial the Grey Dragon is one of the prime creation Gods.

He is Sitted in the Gathering Council next to Ao, Eru Iluvatar, Nyx, Chaos, Nun, Rod, Nammu and many more Prime Gods called “Dividuals and Individuals“.

From his position and authority he was amongst those that responded to the emergency of this world. The sickness of lack of magic.

The cure for this sickness was he himself. He was tasked to bring magic to the world. To do so he unhatched himself and sent his Egg to the Grey Dragon World in the form of a comet-looking Egg.

He landed in the area that is now called “The Lake“. The Lake itself is the crater of His landing.

In the immediate aftermath of his landing he is hatched and magic is introduced to the world. Much of the initial magic was carried over in the form of the Egg Shell, which is made of concentrated consecrated magic, and from the plume of the landing that mixed the Eggshell with the atmosphere.

The Humans of the area of his landing, breathed in so much magic so that they were addicted to the presence of the Eggshell and are transformed to 4 kinds of Elves.

Within 4oo years he gives birth to 150 Matriarch Eggs. And each hatches a different race , impregnated mother dragon.

The last Great Age of the original humans see the Dragon as God and follows his teaching to fuse magic and technology.

By the year 4000 it becomes clear to him that he will keep growing. His body will become unsustainable on land and he modes to the sea and later to space (startraveling).

The end of the dragon age and the start of the Age of Peace is marked by him punishing the EcoMen for the ecological destruction of the planet and the death of almost all of the Matriarchs. He kills almost all of them and then casts him self in orbit of the planet. Soon he becomes the moon, a living breathing moon.

He is still alive there and his breath through time created an additional layer of of magic around the world. A layer of healing and creation magic.

From his new vantagepoint he wakes the dwarves, influences their reshaping, and readies them to become part of the planes.

When he believes them ready he opens the first gates!


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