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Brass Dragonmother | Lakrinisithianaclomnis

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In the city of Laager you can find the guardian cave (see explanation video below) of Lakrinisithianaclomnis – the daughter of the Grey One and mother of all Brass dragons.

The city was actually built around the the cave, as the Dragonmother asked more and more travelers to keep visiting her. It was initially built at the edge of the desert, but the desert has receded several miles to the south.

The cave entrance, in the central square of the town, is a replica of an adult brass dragon with his mouth open wide, beckoning you to come in. Inside you will find her 2sided hall of art, with amazing pieces celebrating her long life and even longer guardianship. At the end of the hall you can seek an audience with her in a room that resembles a dragon hoard room. This is the room she keeps the remains of a blue dragon that came to steal from her. The gold is illusionary but it also serves as cushions for her visitors to lounge on as they keep her entertained with information about the world and questions about her past.

She invites knowledgeable people to teach her everything, so high scholars and great bards often can be found in town. There is a rather luxurious inn, in the town square , right next to the entrance of her Guardian Cave.

She has a close relationship with the queens of Koralia. The crown jewels of the queen are gifts from her hoard. She often sends for her and has audiences either in person (special teleportation) or via telepathy on a weekly basis.

She claims to have been the 4rth egg of the Grey One to hatch, and has a soft spot for her brass dragons, inviting them often to come and visit under various pretexts. They rarely do come to visit unless they are there to give her their eggs to guard until hatching. She has a great underground cave that the eggs can keep worm and their hatchling cousins can roam, fly and play. This cave she guards fiercely.

The battle map of the Cave

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dragon guardian cave


Guardianship and Dragonmothers


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