Individuals and Dividuals – The Gathering Council

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Beyond Gods and the powerful are the creators.

The Individuals and the Dividuals.

Some are the founding members of existence like Ao, and Chaos, others are primordial gods with power beyond understanding. Some are joined couples or groups, called Dividuals, and others are there on their own might, and so called Individuals.

Harmony and disharmony are served equally, law and chaos are of the same importance and good and evil exist to complement each other in the Gathering Council. No animosity is tolerated, no misunderstandings are possible, no mysteries exist between the members. Wisdom and knowledge is absolute.

The Grey Dragon, the first ever-growing immortal Dragon while not a founding member, is an Individual until the day he decides to implement the decision of the Gathering Council to cure the Grey Dragon World. He is only virtually demoted and given absolute discretion in the matters of the Grey Dragon World with the understanding that he will cure its lack of magic. More on the world creation here.

It is believed that some warlocks that get the “Great Old One” patron have a patron that is a member of this council.

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