lacquered Lacquering woods | 1st level spell

Lacquering woods | 1st level spell

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Lacquering woods | 1st level spell

1 Hour Ritual
60 feet / 20 foot radius
V, S, M *
8 hours

You choose one point in range. You must be in range and be able to see the point during the casting time.

Any non magical wooden object that is fully in the radius of the spell for more than 1 hour, gains a perfect shine.  Items partially inside the area are only lacquered partially.  Multiple items may be lacquered at the same time if they can be fitted in the radius even if they are piled.

The effect is 1/10 of an inch (2mm) deep, and covers all sides of the wood. If non wooden objects are in the area of effect they are not effected,

If cast as a higher level spell, and or each spell higher, you can add one of the following (each can only be added once):

  • Double radiuslacquering
  • Half time needed
  • Waterproofing added
  • Half the weight of the wood
  • +50% to the strength of the wood
  • Color all in one hue

Material components – a honey bee encased in resin and a pinch of sand (the pinch of sand is consumed)

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