Humans from the Grey Dragon World

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2 mins read

Humans were the main race in the Grey Dragon World for all its History.

Humans are now divided in several races, the Oriental race, mainly inhabiting the north, the Deep race mainly in Koralia , the Lacquered race inhabiting most other places.

The Orient

The Orientals living in the north are a the most technologically developed of all civilizations, they are divided in several nations, and they are very productive ad trade dependent. Yellow or red tinted skin and often larger than normal eyes that tend towards the side of the head is the main physicals characteristic. Most Orientals are rather tall, especially next to  the Lacquered races.

The Deep Koralia

The people of Koralia until recently have been exclusionists, and still they do not believe that mixing races is a good idea. They do not suppress their racism, but at time passes the younger generations frown upon explicit racism , if not practiced segregation. They have delicate characteristics, almost elflike, and dark blue to dark red hue to their skin. The more to the south the bluer.

The Lacquered races

Some believe that the name came from the name of Lakoria, but it is a much more ancient word. A word that was used pejoratively for the dwarven miners of old. The Lacquered states, like Xtepia, Lakoria and Manes, each have their own sub race, some darker, some lighter and some just pale. Their most common characteristic is their relatively short stature.

Deep History of humans

In the eras before the genetic engineering revolution, original humans believed to be the only thinking race in existence. They are now extinct, they were survived by the 7 floating cities and by the mutations that were created by the fall of the egg. The two main mutations still in existence are the Elves of the Lake and the few remaining Ancient Orclords.

During the genetic age humans developed the dwarves for deep mining the center of the planet, the Minotaurs for gladiators and several other races for other utilitarian reasons.

Today’s humans are believed to be descendants of the dwarves.

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