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Arcana Proficiency | Custom Rules

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Arcana Proficiency Rules for all Gated Races

The Arcana proficiency is revised to greater difficulty (-7 “translation penalty” to the roll). This is based on the differences in the ways the material, verbal and somatic components are used. The timeline of training in this world has not been influenced by the cumulated knowledge of the multiverse, not before the Age Of The Gates.

Arcana Proficiency Rules for Local GDW Magic Users

Spellcasters of the Gray Dragon World have the same penalty when using their Arcane knowledge proficiency rolls (-7) to Outsider magic. Additional training may mitigate this, but the pricing for such training is at a high premium.


Cross platform training is possible, it lasts 1 month, every day, all day. If you wish to approach just a few spells it lasts one hour for each spell plus the the cumulative number of spell levels of each spell. (–Training hours=(spell level+spell level+spell level+spell level+….)+ the total number of spells)–).
At the end of the training you can cast spells eitherway and teach the cross platform.

If you just want to upgrade your Arcana knowledge you need half the time.

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