Baśniowy Minotaur z tarczą i włócznią na tle płonącej świątyni

Ta | The Secluded Minotaurs

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The Archipelago of Ta has been the center of the Minotaurs civilization since 3000 PEGG approximately.

“Ta” was the name of the captain that inspired the gradual congregation in these islands. He is a legendary Minotaur of whom little is know for sure , other than he was a captain and that there are innumerable conflicting stories about him.

Ever since the days of Captain Ta, the minotaur society has become an increasingly exclusive, not even allowing marooned sailors to shore.

In 3567 PEGG they employed the Abasidian mages to construct a coral fortress around the archipelago, and their defenses were complete.

Tis is the only port allowing trade with the outside world and only Minotaur ships are allowed to dock. Non-minotaur traders are expected to stay on the ship they came with until they depart. The few exceptions allowed to land were not seen again.

It is reported by brave traders that because of their stable state since before the end of the Ec0-Empire, Minotaurs have a trove of magin-Tech fusion knowledge and treasure.

The magic advisor of Ta is a Abasidian mage based in Tis.

The Minotaurs of Ta

Minotaurs Ta | The Secluded Minotaurs Grey Dragon World 5E DnD


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