Naloo | Dwarves of the Trees and Water

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Naloo is one of the greater dwarven states. It is famed for its curated forestry and for its deep lake plantations.

Naloo is its surface capital in the southwest, and there has never been a denial of an underground capital. Naloo is considered a source of stability in the region.

Nories is the city that manages its guarded forests. The wood produced is famed and very valuable. It is divided in two categories. The Nories forest and the Southern Great Forest.

The Nories Forest is a repository on mother trees and ancient behemoths. No tree is cut unless it has reached its full size, and then only if there is need for more space.

Nekas is the city that manages its deep water agriculture in is highland lake near by.

naloo Naloo | Dwarves of the Trees and Water Grey Dragon World 5E DnD

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