Manes | Eastern Aristocracy

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One of the Larger human states. Its success is partially because of its lax control of its major cities. At times the major cities operate as city-states paying only lip service to the greater Manes Nation.

Its relationship with its most powerful land neighbor , Naloo,  is rather good because of extensive trading and facilitation of forestry/carpentry trading.  This has turned the port city of Myca as a center of trade for raw materials of the highest quality (wood from the Nalooans and everything else for the Nalooans).

Its relationship with Gosoni is a mixed bag. The mercenaries coming from there have been invaluable in their conquests.

The state of Xtepia has always been an adversary, at the best of times a trade rival, but more often after the establishment of the colony cities Mox and Mex, the tensions do reach dangerous levels.

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Manes Manes | Eastern Aristocracy Grey Dragon World 5E DnD

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