Gateway Tavern (Waterdeep)

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Outside the city of Waterdeep just before the northern farmcountry there is the Tavern of Gates.

Its old name “A Head of a Green Dragon” has given way to its peculiar new addition. Without any known reasons, one day its celar got visitors from another world!

The startled innkeep almost got a heart attack upon viewing a team of 12 armed to the teeth soldiers. Soon he learned that in heis basement celar a cross world gate appeared. A gate to the Grey Dragon World. Specificaly to the port city of Log, in Lakoria.

Bellow you can see the basics of this tavern – do not see the following content if you are not a DM!

Room prices fluctuate on the innkeeper’s (Gary) whip, from 5sp to 50gp

Food prices are reasonable and set by the innkeeper’s wife Brenda. (see below)

The entire building is being renovated with security measures and additions. The attached barn is to be a general store, and a new barn is being built in the courtyard. Also a high wall perimeter is being raised.

Local lords are about to attempt to comandeer the buildings. When our player characters come in the innkeeper is in a loud argument with his lawyer and the captain of the guard who is attempting to close down the business. (If it is in the afternoon the partons join in to shout their support for Garry.)

In the basement, on the far side of the cave created by the gate there are several boxes crates and parrels, pilled up.

Gateway Tavern
Gateway Tavern (Waterdeep) Grey Dragon World 5E DnD

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