Kosia | The last refuge of the true Orcs

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The one and only Orc state in the Grey Dragon world is Kosia. It is a single island state that measures its power in the number of its citizens.

Konis is its capital, connecting the northern part with the southern. Its tradesmen are the easiest way to get Minotaur creations from Ta.

In the North are the training grounds, or the death marshes as they are more aptly named. In the south are the plush lands. The lands of riches and comfort.

Orcs do express disdain to the plush ways of the southern orcs, often using derogatory terms such as “half-human” for the farmers and craftsmen of the south.

It is an open society, allowing all kinds of outsiders to prosper in their lands, both in the north and in the south. There are some no-entry areas, that are mostly associated with myths about the ancient orclords.



Kosia | The last refuge of the true Orcs Grey Dragon World 5E DnD

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