Koralia | The Southern Humans

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Koralia is the original southern state. It is populated by darker skinned “Deep humans” who consider the richest the color of their skin the greater the potential of the person. It is a notion that is very slowly falling out of fashion, but there is no part of society not influenced by it. Very respectful foreigners are tolerated.

The people of Koralia until recently have been exclusionists, and still they do not believe that mixing races is a good idea. They do not suppress their racism, but at time passes the younger generations frown upon explicit racism , if not practiced segregation. Southern humans of Koralia have delicate characteristics, almost elflike, and dark blue to dark red hue to their skin. The more to the south the bluer.

The only neighbor, Naddoo, is an equally exclusive and rather dark skinned dwarven state with very few outside influence allowed in. The one exception is the rare conference of non interference with Naddoo.


The Koralia map – Southern Humans

koralia Koralia | The Southern Humans Grey Dragon World 5E DnD

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