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Log | Port in Eastern Lakoria

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1 min read

Log is the eastern most port of Lakoria. It is well known for its hardy captains, dubious treasure hunters and the anti pirate fleet center of Lakoria.

In general if you are not a pirate, anything goes in Log… until the Gate opened. On the northwest gardens of the castle district a pot yo waterdeep opened! A port that leads to Gateway Tavern! Within the first week of the gate’s life the castle has been emptied and is trasformed gradually into a garisson. The trasnformation took 2 months, but at the end of this period the Log Castle Gate was secure enough to allow for almost free passage to any coming and going.

The cost of using the gate is set by an interview, but in general it is in addition to a tariff of 10% (the general tariff og Lakoria). Within a year of the opening of the port smugglers are named pirates and are delt with swiftly.

Log eastern lakoria port

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