Abasadia | The Renegade Mages

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1 min read

Abasadia or Abacadia started as an unnamed island-refuge for mages not want to be citizens of the Wizardland. Abas was is its most prominent mage, though he holds no office.

Abas is considered to be more than a 2000 years old and a master user of the magics of creation and healing that are infused by the Breath of the Dragon.

North of Abasadia there is an grown archipelago. It is the casting ground of earth magics one of the most sought after magics in the Grey Dragon World.

The Abasadia mages are the creators of the Great Reef Barrier of Ta, and of several grown fortresses throughout the world.



Abasadia | The Renegade Mages Grey Dragon World 5E DnD

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